Monday, April 08, 2019


It's raining heavily as I'm writing this post but I'm cozy with a cup of Vanilla-Cranberry tea and my new Weekender sweater. 

This is a pattern by Andrea MowryIt's a reverse stockinette boxy sweater knitted bottom up and it features a faux seam in the middle front and back and some ribbing at the shoulders. 

Obviously as you can see mine doesn't look exactly like that. 

After swatching ,for my sweater I chose to use the stockinette side as the right side of the garment and I omitted  the slipped stitches in the middle because in the stockinette side they are not that visible anyway .

The yarn I used Is Drops Sky. It's a  tube-like yarn and that makes it light but warm and you get 190m / 50gr which is a lot for a worsted weight yarn.
Since I didn't use the recommended yarn I had to do some modifications. I knitted the fifth size in order to get a finished garment with about 46" circumference. 

 For the sleeves I picked up 4 sts and skipped every fifth all around and then I was trying it on and decreased as I went marking my decreases with a stitch marker so I can count my rows and copy what I did for the second sleeve. 

Today it was chilly and rainy so I had the chance to wear it! I can see myself knitting another one :)

Mariliza 😘

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