Friday, March 22, 2019

Yes I know you can't believe I'm back already with a new post, well neither can I . I haven't been doing much sewing for fun lately but I have several un-blogged makes so I thought I could finally take some photos and blog about them. 
Today I'll share with you my Cheyenne Tunic by Hey June Handmade  that I sewed almost a year ago. 

The pattern features two styles. View A is a standard collared button down shirt and View B, which is the one I made, is a no collar half placket tunic. The are also two length sleeves.

The only alteration I did is that I used the curved hem of the tunic but in the shirt length. 
I made a size L with no alterations. The instructions where very clear and I had no problem following them. I did however have difficulties with my lower  buttonhole and after unpicking it a couple of times I had to make piece with the idea that it wouldn't line up with the others.

For my shirt I used a plaid flannel from a local fabric shop that I got on sale for about 4€ per meter. I only wish I made full length sleeves because my arms get cold.

Because the shirt features a rolled up sleeve I used french seams (I'm that professional :))

And I also added a tag. I made several of these tags a few years back using printable fabric sheets. 

Overall I like my shirt and this flannel is soooo cozy. 

Love, Mariliza.

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